Chiropractic Testimonials

Chiropractic Altamonte Springs FL Bill K Testimonial

No more headaches!

"I had arthritis, shoulder pain and back pain for several years before seeking treatment. I also had difficulty sleeping, and the pain affected my work and general quality of life. I chose Roach Family Wellness as my chiropractor because they are a very caring and competent Chiropractor, and I can trust them to do what is right for my care. I am now able to work all day as a truck mechanic.”

- Bill K.

Chiropractic Altamonte Springs FL Sheryl S Testimonial

I had seen many chiropractors before Roach Family Wellness over the years without receiving the same care. 

“I often felt the need to crack my neck later in the day because of discomfort. Sometimes I needed to return the same day! I have never felt the need to call Dr. Roach’s office to complain that I still hurt! I had chronic back pain in my upper back, neck stiffness and lower back pain for over 5 years. I was always tired and irritable. With Roach Family Wellness’ care, I am in a better mood from not being in such discomfort.”

- Sheryl S.

Chiropractic Altamonte Springs FL Mike H Testimonial

Roach Family Wellness is the best!

“I had back pain for 6 months. It restricted what I could do, like daily activities, work around the house, etc. Chiropractic care with Roach Family Wellness has increased my health awareness and knowledge. It has improved my physical mobility.”

- Mike H.

Chiropractic Altamonte Springs FL Jennifer and Mark B Testimonial

Dr. Roach is genuine and cares for his patients and so does the office staff (even though he is a Badgers fan).

“I had tingling in my lower leg and foot and my husband had neck pain and back pain. We both had discomfort at work, and my husband also had bad posture and headaches. My husband started seeing Roach Family Wellness first, and I noticed he had very good results and was feeling better. With chiropractic care, my symptoms have decreased; we are both more comfortable and relaxed."

- Jennifer and Mark B.

Chiropractic Altamonte Springs FL Dana L Testimonial

I sleep better, hold my daughter longer, walk without pain, and I have hope for better natural delivery in the future.

“Roach Family Wellness is family oriented, Christian, and very helpful! For 12 years, I had tingling and numbness in my arms/hand, pain in my wrist, lower back pain, uneven hips, and a bad knee. I had limited physical activity, pain at work, frustration, and difficult child delivery. I was referred to Roach Family Wellness from a current patient who also had a good experience. With his chiropractic care, I am ½ inch taller, my arms/hand are not tingling or numb; I can fall asleep easier and no longer sit crooked."

- Dana L.

Chiropractic Altamonte Springs FL Jennifer H Testimonial

Dr. Roach treats the whole person. People are frequently surprised at all of the things Dr. Roach has helped ME with!

“I had low back pain, sciatica and numbness in my lower leg for 6 – 9 months. I was unable to exercise or walk, had sleep deprivation and was unable to work comfortably. My pain definitely distracted me. I had met Dr. Roach when he first substituted for another Doctor who was selling his practice. When my care was done there, I followed Dr. Roach into his new practice. While I am still on the road to recovery, my gradual improvement gives me hope. I am so much more informed and knowledgeable about the importance of listening to my body and giving it the help and tools it needs to heal itself.”

- Jennifer H.

Chiropractic Altamonte Springs FL David O Testimonial

Dr. Roach and staff are awesome!

“I had lower back spasms. The last time I had it for about a week. I couldn’t move, therefore I basically had no life. I researched many chiropractors on the internet and Roach Family Wellness had consistently excellent reviews. With their chiropractic care, I am able to go about my daily activities again. Like weight lifting, fishing and riding my Harley. My overall outlook has improved!"

- David O.

Chiropractic Altamonte Springs FL Maria A Testimonial

I recommend him to everyone!

“I had back pain and sciatic problems. I tried to fix my problems with medication, but it did not help. I could not work or enjoy life. My daughter recommended Roach Family Wellness to me, and with their chiropractic care, I feel better. My headaches and posture are better.”

- Maria A.

Chiropractic Altamonte Springs FL Mayra V Testimonial


“I had a stiff neck, neck pain, migraines and upper back pain. It slowed down my overall activities and I didn’t function well with pain. I had this for 3 years and did not try to fix it. I was referred to Roach Family Wellness by a current patient. Now I feel more optimistic and positive. I have more energy and fewer migraines and am able to concentrate better.”

- Mayra V.

Chiropractic Altamonte Springs FL Shaun E Testimonial

Chiropractic care is one of the most effective Holistic approaches to better health!

“I had stress, burn out, back spasm, lack of energy and headaches for about 5 years. I chose Roach Family Wellness because they are the best chiropractors and the most caring with their patients. With their chiropractic care, I feel better overall, better posture, more restful sleep, better digestion and better concentration. I feel like a well-rounded individual as my physical, emotional, personal and attitude have all improved.”

- Shaun E.

Chiropractic Altamonte Springs FL Joyce W Testimonial

Everyone is very helpful and they really listen to you!

“I had headaches and back pain for several years. I was unable to do most of my housework or walk any distance. With Roach Family Wellness’ chiropractic care, I am standing straighter, walking faster and can even make my bed. I’m sleeping and even breathing better!”

- Joyce W.

Chiropractic Altamonte Springs FL Martin J Testimonial

If it wasn’t for Dr. Erik Roach I would probably be dead by now.

“I could not walk for more than 10 minutes. I gained a lot of weight! I received a free evaluation . . . and I have been a new man since! I can walk for more than 30 minutes! I have lost 30 lbs. and feel incredible! Zest for LIFE!”

- Martin J.

Chiropractic Altamonte Springs FL April H Testimonial

Take it from someone who is a HUGE CYNIC, Dr. Roach is AWESOME!

“After an auto accident, I had extreme tightness in my neck and back and chronic migraines. I suffered with this for about 4 years. I couldn’t run with my teenagers, I gained 80 lbs., and I also miscarried my third child. Chiropractic changed my life. I’m able to be active, I lost 40 lbs. and recently did the heart walk.”

- April H.

Chiropractic Altamonte Springs FL Suzy K Testimonial

I have increased my energy levels!

“I suffered from major back pain and spasms for several months. I had difficulty standing and working. I liked the initial conversation with Dr. Roach’s office and began chiropractic treatments. Now I no longer have the back pain or spasms.”

- Suzy K.

Chiropractic East Orlando FL Wilma S Testimonial

I am pleased with the care & results.

“I had low back pain & right leg pain for about 3 weeks. I had a lot of difficulty with walking, stairs, sitting for work and sleeping. Now the pain is gone. I can walk, sit, and sleep in comfort."

- Wilma S.

Chiropractic East Orlando FL Carmen M Testimonial

I appreciate everything they have done to help me.

“I had back and shoulder pain for a long time but this last year has been the worst. With chiropractic care from Roach Family Wellness, I feel a great deal better. Everything feels better. I can do so many things now.”

- Carmen M.

Chiropractic East Orlando FL Clarence T Testimonial

Dr. Roach and staff have been very friendly and nice!

“I had back and neck pain a few day after my car accident. My attorney referred me to Roach Family Wellness. The chiropractic care makes me feel better and I’m able to move easier. Taking the daily supplements has helped my health overall."

- Clarence T.

Chiropractic East Orlando FL Michelle L Testimonial

I appreciate the office Staff’s kindness!

“I had lower & middle back pain for approximately 10 days. I was in pain constantly and was unable to stand for long periods of time and holding the baby was very difficult. I chose Dr. Roach because I liked that he is family oriented, has a kind staff and has the DRX9000. Now my pain is more intermittent – not daily. The mornings/evenings that I’m in pain are fewer and farther between.”

- Michelle L.

Chiropractic East Orlando FL Dennis K Testimonial

Don’t put off chiropractic treatment/maintain regular adjustments!

“I had neck pain on and off for about 10+ years and numbness for about 2 months. Before coming to Roach Family Wellness, I had difficulty working, sleeping and doing outdoor activities. I chose Roach Family Wellness because I liked that they have Spinal Decompression Therapy. Now my overall outlook has improved! I have more energy and sleep better.”

- Dennis K.

Chiropractic East Orlando FL Adrian N Testimonial

Excellent Staff and very Professional

“I had back pain, and I was unable to walk for six months to a year. I came to Dr. Roach because he had good online reviews. The chiropractic adjustments have taken away my pain, and I have improved overall wellness.”

- Adrian N.

Chiropractic East Orlando FL Sonia Testimonial

I have more energy and I sleep very good.

"I suffered from neck and back pain for about 15 years. Since I’ve been in chiropractic treatment with Roach Family Wellness, I am feeling so much better!”

- Sonia

Chiropractic East Orlando FL Jimmy Testimonial


“I had ankle pain and shoulder pain for several years. It was hard to work and walk. I chose Roach Family Wellness because I wanted to be pain free. Chiropractic care has changed my life a lot. I am almost pain free. I have better work performance and more energy.”

- Jimmy

Chiropractic East Orlando FL Giovanni Testimonial

I no longer have headaches and I sleep better!

“I suffered from back pain for 3 years, and I could not sleep. As soon as I began treatment I stopped taking pain medicine and I feel better.”

- Giovanni

Chiropractic East Orlando FL Paula Testimonial

I can wear heels, YAY!

“I suffered from neck, back and knee pain for 20 years. I was always moody. Roach Family Wellness was recommended to me, and I don’t think I could’ve chosen any better. I feel 10-15 years younger. My upper body strength has come back and I can wear heels! My sinuses are better. I used to wake up with a headache and not anymore.”

- Paula

Chiropractic East Orlando FL Adrian and Gavin Testimonial

We have not been sick in 4 years!

“My children were always getting sick with ear infections, colds and coughs. They have not been sick since they started chiropractic care. Dr. Roach is gentle and he makes the boys very comfortable. My boys are HEALTHY and the minute they feel a cold coming on they ask to be adjusted!”

- Adrian and Gavin

Chiropractic East Orlando FL Cory Testimonial

Dr. Roach is awesome!

“Since my auto accident two months prior to starting treatment, I had pain in my neck, left shoulder and lower back. I couldn’t do many of my hobbies, and I was in a lot of pain. It also made work harder. Now I am feeling a lot better than I did before the treatments. My sinus problems are gone too.”

- Cory

I now know that chiropractic is better than pain pills and muscle relaxers. The staff and Dr. Roach are AWESOME!

"I suffered with lower back pain for years and hip pain for about a year before coming to Dr. Roach. I am now able to stand up straighter, and I don’t have as much pain in my back. My headaches are much better than they used to be.”

- Tammy C.